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"In my line of work it's really important that I look my best. I like to use Clenbutrol once or twice a year to stay in shape. Try it, you'll love the results."

Erica Heard - Model and Actress

"Clenbutrol really is the most powerful fat burner out there. I've been cycling it on and off for years now to always stay cut and not lose muscle."

Steve Chamberlain - Personal Trainer

The Truth about Clenbuterol

Despite the fact that athletes buy Clenbuterol for performance enhancement and weight loss, and despite the social stigma surrounding it, it is not an anabolic steroid. Rather, it belongs to a group of drugs called beta-2-antagonists. You can compare it to ephedrine and albuterol, which are in the same class of substances.

What Does It Do?

Today's Clenbuterol for sale goes by many names, including "the size zero pill" thanks to its ability to quickly burn fat. People who buy Clenbuterol do so for its anabolic properties, which boost muscle growth, along with its catabolic properties, which allow it to burn fat. The compound is actually thermogenic, which means that its main function involves increasing body temperature along with metabolism, thereby improving the rate at which the body converts its fat stores to energy. Although it cannot provide the same results as anabolic steroids like Trenbolone or even Dianabol, athletes prefer it during cutting cycles in order to harden their muscles and develop a toned appearance.

Where Did It Come From?

Originally, Clenbuterol was a bronchodilator for horses. It is very, very similar to compounds with which you are likely familiar, including albuterol and ephedrine. These two drugs are common among individuals dealing with short- and long-term breathing issues. They open the airways and allow individuals to take more oxygen into their lungs. Today's Clenbuterol does the same thing, but it is stronger and much more potent microgram for microgram. Its accepted use these days is still in the equine population, but with a catch – farmers who treat their animals with Clenbuterol cannot sell them for food later.

Why Did People Start Using It?

The individuals who chose to provide Clenbuterol to their horses noticed a couple of startling side effects. First, it seemed that the horses lost weight over time. Next, they appeared stronger, and their muscles stood out more visibly. As with many other compounds originally designed for animals, people decided to buy Clenbuterol for themselves. Although we humans use it in much smaller doses than our equine counterparts do, it has the same effects. Lastly, while studies on the effects of Clenbuterol in the human body are quite limited, animal studies show marked increases in skeletal muscle and fat loss at both the visceral and the subcutaneous levels. 

Who Should Consider It?

There is no denying that today's Clenbuterol for sale is a powerful compound, so it is important to use it with extreme caution. Anyone healthy individual who does not have heart, kidney, or liver problems should be able to use this compound with relative safety. People who have high blood pressure or diabetes, as well as those who are sensitive to the effects of stimulants, may find Clenbuterol too harsh for their liking. It is common among male and female athletes during cutting cycles, and it is especially popular among women since it does not produce androgenic side effects like virilization.

When Should You Take It?

Because it is so strong, it is important that you titrate your dose slowly at first to give your body time to acclimate. Most people start with a dose between 20mcg and 40mcg, and they usually wait about eight weeks after a cycle with anabolic steroids to do so. For some, this initial dose produces the same effects as a high dose of caffeine, which may cause the "jitters", sleeplessness, a fast heart rate, sweating, and an increase in blood pressure. The body adjusts quickly, though, so you will need to titrate your dose every few days. Never take more than 140mcg per day, and never take it for more than 16 weeks out of the year. This helps you avoid potentially serious side effects.

Clenbuterol for sale is not an anabolic steroid, and it does not work like one. It is a bronchodilator and stimulant that, while designed to treat asthma and other similar conditions, provides performance enhancement benefits to athletes who need that extra edge.

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